Sister Elizabeth Annette Moss
Nov 27 GER-FRA
2009 N 900 E Unit 133
Provo, Utah 84604

Dear Elder Info: Sister Elizabeth Annette Moss, Unit 133, GER-FRA, Nov 27

Mission Home after Nov. 27th: Sister Elizabeth Moss
Corneliusstrasse 18
60325 Frankfurt am Main

Friday, November 1, 2013

Week two: Camera...

Okay, so I have no clue how to upload pictures from this blasted device, so if you could kindly look up some hints for me, then you can get a good look at my district. Motivation?

MTC food gets more sickening by the day, and I'm more than certain that by the time my six weeks here are up, I'm going to be completely stir-crazy; this is why some missionaries go a little... weird. ;) I kid.

German is coming a little easier, but you'll be pleased to know, Mother, that my default filler word has switched to 'alors'. My teachers give me odd looks for it, though, since the closest German word is "hallo", so every time I get stuck, it sounds like I'm saying hi.

There are 17 total lehrers for German, which is hilarious, since there are only 7 students. Oh! But the Italians are next door to us, and the anziani and sorelli are really nice. (Three of the anziani are from Canadia, which might explain it.) Teachers are really nice, too. I think Bruder Alston, Bruder Pedersen, Sister Covey and Sister Pingree are my favorites, though. They all rotate through, but Bruder Pedersen has another job, which means we don't get to see him every day. That's okay, though.

Laundry is exhausting. Well, to be fair, everything about the MTC is exhausting, but only laundry involves dragging half of my possessions across campus to the laundry room under building 2.

Chelsea: I love you, and you're a hypochondriac. :)

David: Heard from one of the new sisters that a new Imagine Dragons song came out, and I know you're on top of that. How is it? Is it awesome? I can't believe I missed it! AGH. I miss my music. You know we're not allowed to play music in the residence halls? I knew it would be bad, but I didn't know it would be THIS bad. I'm going insane(r)!

Maggie: Sssssssisssster... How are you? How's Mr. Craven? Did you remember to give him that card yet? Darling, I wish I could hug you right now, but just imagine my arms around your shoulder and my voice whispering in your ear of world domination~ XD

Daaaaaddy: Even if dein Deutch ist rusty, es ist besser than mein Deutch! Ich habe nicht vocabulary. Hear me roar in frustration. Oh well. I've only been here two weeks, und ich habe so mer belernt. (Just learned past tense, can you tell?) Thanks for sorting out the departure date thing with Mark, by the way. We sing Called to Serve in pretty much every meeting, you know. Sort of par for the course as a missionary. So stop making me cry. I mean, my allergies are acting up. *Single... manly... tear...* I love you, and I'm grateful that you're my father.

Mother: I've run into Seth a couple more times since I've been here. He seems to be doing pretty well. I need athletic socks and a stopwatch. (Laundryyyyy.) Oh! I may be sending some of your boxes back to you with slightly different contents. Did you know that really soft shirt you sent with me needs to be handwashed? Got any advice concerning that?

All in all, I'm doing pretty well, though I think I've gotten more ADD since I've been here. I ramble more than usual, which is at least helpful for practicing Deutch.

Oh! There was a sick sister in the hall the other day. Sis. Davidson went with her companion to get the elders from their district, and Sis. Biery and I stayed with her. We talked with her for a bit, and we had a sort of mini testimony meeting. It was really spiritual, and she felt a lot better. Sister Kopta (the sick sister) said something that sort of made me think:

"Sometimes, we feel like little, crusty loaves of bread, but the Savior can use us to feed thousands."

Pretty cool, huh? She wrote us a letter later, thanking us for staying with her and talking to her. I've stuck it in my journal for now. I wish I could make a photocopy.

Anyway, love to all! <3

Write to me. Write to me. Write to me. Write to me. WRITE TO ME. Okay? I get DearElder every day, (twice a day), and I always have time to hear from you. And I'm starved for normal human contact. PLEASE write to me.

Comps are making me leave. Stupid laundry.
Sister Moss


Thanks for your package! The elders enjoyed the chocolate. And the cookies from that first one. That owl is adorable, by the way. It's on my shelf next to Jareth and Verdi. (Arthur is, of course, on the bed.)

The lehrers really liked the Heaven cookies you sent me. And the elders. And my companions. I liked them too. I've told them about the Happiness cookies, and they want to try those as well.

Sis. Biery would like to request oatmeal raisin cookies, but if you do send them, make sure to send something else for Elder Heil and Sis. Davidson. (They don't like raisins, the heathens.)

Elder Sheffer wants love, and Elder Mitchell wants to be adopted. XD

I need another towel. If you've found my cool blue one, send that, please. I need to wash the first one, and I keep forgetting to put it in the bag.


Sister Moss

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